5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting An IV Therapy Clinic in Toronto

The IVs that you see in hospitals aren't just used for administering medication; they can also be used for pumping vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Known as intravenous therapies, or, more commonly, IV therapy, this technique has become more popular in recent years due to its wide array of benefits and ability to pinpoint certain problems. For instance, there's a type of IV vitamin therapy for chronic anxiety, one for people addicted to cigarettes, and another that promotes detoxification of the body. Dr. Amauri Caversan offers this revitalizing treatment to those living in the Greater Toronto Area. In this post, we'll list five things you should know about this cutting-edge treatment.

It's for Both Specific Problems and General Wellness

The first thing you should know about intravenous therapies is that they can help a whole range of diseases, from mild to severe. It can even alleviate hangovers, and many celebrities have advocated it for this purpose! IV therapy can help with diseases related to aging, such as Alzheimer's or dementia, or conditions that people of all ages deal with such as fatigue and stress. The best thing about IV therapy is that it's tailor-made for you in order to treat your specific problems. For instance, there are many different "cocktails," such as the popular modified Meyer's cocktail, that mix together different vitalizing ingredients like magnesium, B12, glutathione (a truly potent antioxidant), and more. On the other hand, more and more people are turning to this great treatment for well-being, as the vitalizing nutrients used promote generalized bodily health.

It's Supported by Research

Secondly, IV treatments aren't just some "fad" treatment as some naysayers would have you believe. IV Therapy treatments date back to the 1960's when they were pioneered by Boston doctor John Myers, who found it very useful in treating many of his patients with issues like fibromyalgia or Epstein-Barr disease. Today, many well-informed and educated researchers have published studies supporting  the efficacy of IV vitamin treatments. Take, for example, a research paper by  Anitra C. Carr,1,* Margreet C. M. Vissers,1 and John S. Cook On Intravenous Vitamin C improving Cancer- and Chemotherapy-Related Fatigue and Quality of Life. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4199254/)

Another example are the Numerous studies that have demonstrated that pharmacological doses of ascorbic acid (0.1–100 mM) decreased cell proliferation in a variety of cancer cell lines.[1-5] Specifically, decreases in cell proliferation after ascorbic acid treatment have been reported for prostate,[6] pancreatic,[7,8] hepatocellular,[9] colon,[10] mesothelioma,[11] and neuroblastoma [12] cell lines.

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It's Much More Effective Than Taking Supplements

You may be thinking to yourself: "can't I just take supplements in order to get the vitamins that my body needs?" IV therapy isn't comparable to simply taking oral supplements - it's on a whole other level. This is due to a few reasons. Firstly, the doses used are much higher than what you would get in a supplement. Additionally, if you take a supplement, your body will not be absorbing the entire dose due to its passing through the gastrointestinal tract. With IV treatments, the vitamins and nutrients bypass the GI tract because they are being put directly into your body's circulatory system, making them incredibly therapeutic and able to effectively combat some of the problems listed above.

It Cleanses the Body and Aids in Detoxification

These days, we hear so much about detoxification. Detoxification is very important, and many "trendy" techniques claim to be able to detoxify the body, but very often they go about it the wrong way. Our bodies have three main natural detoxifiers, the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract  which can become fatigued or overburdened due to the many toxins that are the unfortunate result of modern living. IV Vitamin therapy cleanses the body in and of itself, but it can also give your three main detoxifiers a natural boost, upping the ante when it comes to cleansing.

It's Very Safe

The last thing you should know about nutritional IV therapy is that it's very safe and rejuvenating. There are very few possible side effects to using IV therapy, and plethora of positive ones!

Side effects are rare, and tend to resolve following cessation of the intravenous therapy.
Some of possible effects are vein irritation in the vein, lowering of blood pressure, lowering of blood sugar, headaches, arm pain at the infusion site and light headedness. Many patients announce that they feel more rejuvenated, even commenting that others remark that they look younger, after getting regular treatments.

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